De La Fuente hurt after fans boo Morata.

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Some fans in the Santiago Bernabeu stadium booed Alvaro Morata the captain of the Spanish national team, which caused quite a bit of pain to the Bulls boss.

Spain coach Luis de la Fuente admits he was hurt by some fans at the Santiago Bernabeu booing Spanish captain Alvaro Morata during a friendly. who tied Brazil 3-3 on Tuesday, according to a report from ufabet

The game was entertaining with six goals combined (including three penalties), but de la Fuente admits he was unhappy with the behavior of some fans who were booing Morata for being “a goalkeeper”. A player for Atletico Madrid, Real Madrid’s main rival, even though he assumes the role of captain of the Bulls.

‘It hurts my feelings. in my country They cheered the captain of the national team. And I heard those boos. I felt pain. In the end, there is always a minority that stands out. The Bernabeu stadium is huge. But as a Spaniard I feel ashamed when Spanish players are booed.’

‘But the majority backs Spain. Everyone’s job is to provide knowledge to support the national team. Here we have to abandon the colors of the various clubs. And that’s the job of the media. Let’s see if we can all solve this problem,’ de la Fuente said.

Spanish fans’ booing of a player is not the first of its kind, with Barcelona’s Gerard Pique regularly being booed due to the player’s tendency to express his Catalan identity. As for Pablo Martin, Paez, Cabira and Gabi, young midfielders from Azulgrana were also booed.