Danilo pointed out that the team must set the right tempo of the game

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Juventus defender Danilo suggested the team should set the tempo of the game accordingly, especially in Europe following their 1-1 draw with Nantes in the Europa League play-off last night. Last thursday

Dusan Vlahovic gave the hosts the lead but was level by Ludovic Blas And Danilo point out that the team needs to focus more. Especially on knowing. Whether to speed up the ufabet game or slow down the game. When did you enter?

“First of all we would like to express our condolences to Ignatius Canaco, who lost his daughter this week. We can’t even imagine what he’s going to face,” Danilo told Sport Italia.

“We got off to a good start. passing the ball and finding the right space. We slow down and they gained their confidence. In European football it doesn’t matter who the opponent is. If you don’t play with intensity you’ll run into trouble.”

“We know that Nantes have a quality striker with fast pace. We had to improve our options. When we got to the final space but we didn’t choose the right passes or shots. We have to focus more and learn. When to slow down or speed up.”

Juventus thought they had been awarded a late penalty in stoppage time for handball but the referee – who was sent over to the VAR monitor – decide. That the Nantes defender had been foul by Bremer before handling the ball.